The Mindset of a Champion

Reaching Your Potential in a World of
Adversity, Interference, and Change

Hire “game changing” speaker, Dr. David L. Cook, top sport and performance psychology expert, best selling author, and award winning film producer, to speak at your next event.

Dr. Cook will guide your organization on a performance-altering journey backed by years of coaching the minds of World Champions in business, sport, and life.  His game day process will inspire and equip your team to “perform their best when it means the most.” Bottom line: potential just isn’t enough, it requires choosing the Mindset of a Champion.

Most can live up to their resume when things are calm, but calm waters aren’t where championships are won, market shares captured, or companies turned around. Reaching your potential in the midst of adversity, interference, and the chaotic and unpredictable internal and external interferences of an ever-changing business arena is the mark of true success. International tensions, political uncertainty, cultural evolution along with technological explosions and implosions define today’s playing field. Add to that normal but unpredictable personal and relationship disruptions and you have “game day” in the corporate arena. A champion’s mindset is essential.

Renowned in the science of peak performance, David has created a seamless transition from applying game day readiness strategies in sport to the fast paced, competitive business arena. His “Mindset of a Champion” principles have increased results to a variety organizations such as American Express, Exxon Mobil, Valero, Sprint, Frito-Lay, San Antonio Spurs, PGA, NFL, MLB and many more. 

David’s engaging and impactful program is a game changer for individuals and organizational performances no matter the industry. He inspires and equips audiences to elevate their performances in the face of adversity with his game-winning strategies.


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Developing the Mindset of a Champion will provide your group with:

  • Focus needed to establish a dream and a systematic process for attainment
  • Passion to exceed expectations
  • Mental Toughness to rise to the occasion in the face of adversity, interference, and change


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