Dr. Cook will guide you on a performance-altering journey backed by years of coaching the minds of aspiring and World Champions in business, sport, and life.  Focus, Passion, and Mental Toughness provide the pillars for his game day process, equipping you to perform your best when it means the most. Bottom line: potential just isn’t enough, it requires choosing the Mindset of a Champion.

Dr. Cook accepts a limited number of individual clients per year. Individuals in golf (his specialty), other sports, business and life are encouraged to apply. There are two options:

  1. Retainer: This arrangement allows a client to engage in a 6 month or year-long performance enhancement journey. Several face-to-face meetings are possible along with up to two connects per month through phone, face-time, text, or email. Retainer fee: $7500 for 6 months, $12,500 per year (subject to change and up front payment required).
  2. Individual sessions: Half day face-to-face meetings with Dr. Cook take place on the phone, face-time/Skype, or in person. These sessions will take place in Ft. Worth or West Palm Beach Florida. Half-Day fee: $1500 (9:00 am – Noon, or 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.) (Fee subject to change).

There are a limited number of team client slots per year in sport as well. Contact us for one time meeting fees as well as season long retainers.

For information about speaking to your business or organization please visit the Speaking page.


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